Wii Unable to Read Disc

My Nintendo wii was not working, and I kept getting the error message that says "unable to read disc".  Is my Wii broke, how do I fix it? Do I need to buy a new Nintendo Wii because this?  Help, what do I do now?

Things started out great for me and my experience with my Nintendo Wii.  I have enjoyed playing the many games that I purchased for my Wii console but after about a year and a half of game playing enjoyment I started to experiencing problems.  However all was not lost, as I was able to fix my Nintendo Wii on my own.  Read on to find out what I did to fix the unable to read disc error message that I was getting on my Nintendo Wii.

A problem started out slowly, occasionally I would insert a game disc into my Wii and for some reason the disc would not load properly and I would get the message that the Nintendo Wii was unable to read the disc.  When this happened, I would simply eject the disc from the game console and clean it off a little bit then reinsert the game.  Usually after trying this once or twice to disc loaded into my Nintendo Wii and I was able to go about playing my game.

Then one day the unthinkable happened.  No matter what I did it I was not able to get a game disc to load on my Nintendo Wii and I was getting nothing but the error message that said unable to read disc.

I didn't know what to do next.  Was it going to cost me a bunch of money to have my Wii repaired, could even be fixed at all, or was I just going to have to shell out the big bucks and buy a new Nintendo Wii console.

After looking around trying to find out how to fix my Nintendo Wii, I really couldn't find anything that would help me out unless I wanted to purchase a $60 repair manual that some web sites were selling.  This was really not an option for me, as working on electrical repairs is really not a good option for me.

I then found a new product from Nintendo on the website www.wiilenscleaningkit.com called the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit.  I wasn't sure if this would help me out or not, but for $10 plus shipping I ordered one up thinking that this was a much cheaper alternative than having to get my Wii repaired or to have it replaced.

Use the links below  to purchase the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit,  check them both out to see the best price.   I have also included links for a wii replacement lens, should you choose to replace the laser lens on your Wii gaming system rather than spending more than $75 dollars to have it repaired by nintendo.

I received this my Wii Lens Cleaning Kit in the mail two days after I ordered it.  It is a pretty simple device that consists of nothing more than a plastic disc with a handle on it that you insert into the slot of your Nintendo Wii console.  It comes with a small bottle of cleaning solution that you use to apply to two or three drops of the cleaning solution on to a cleaning pad that is attached to the plastic disc.

After you had applied the cleaning solution to the pad he simply insert the plastic desk into the Wii console and move it back and forth 10 to 20 times to clean off the laser lens that reads the disc inside your Nintendo Wii console.  After that, simply press the eject button on the console and insert a game disc to see what happens next.

When I removed the  Wii Lens Cleaning Kit disc there was a noticeable on amount of dirt on the cleaning pad.  Seeing this, I was very hopeful that cleaning the lens on my Wii system just might be the solution to my problem.  I quickly inserted a game disc, to see if I had fixed the problem, and Oh ya baby!!!!!   There it was, my game loaded perfectly and I no longer am receiving the Wii Unable to Read Disc error message.  I must say I'm pretty happy with this product, as it has fixed my disk error message on my Nintendo Wii.  The Wii lens cleaning kit also comes with extra cleaning pads as well as enough cleaning solution so that I can get multiple uses from this product.  It seems to be well worth the $10 I spent on it.

I really don't know if this will fix the problem that you are having with your Nintendo Wii, but if you are consistently getting the unable to read disk message it is definitely worth giving a try.  Hopefully it works as good for you as well as it did for me.

I hope that you the information here to be useful, and if you'd like to purchase the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit  please use the link on the left side of the page.

Also, if you know anybody else that may be that having the same problem click on the link below to invite them to visit this web site.

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